Automated Outlook Signatures (VBSCRIPT)

I have created a  script that will automatically create a users Outlook signature file. This is useful for an organisation that wants to ensure they have a consistent look to their users Outlook signatures, I’m making this script freely available to do with as you please. Below you can see a sample of the Outlook signature it creates.

The script is written in vbscript and has been tested on a combination of

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Office 2007
  • Office 2010

This script is free to anyone and comes with the usual disclaimers about zero liability and use at your own risk. Download a compressed copy of the script and template files here

The script is reasonably well commented (at least I think it is?)  but I though it might also be a good idea to cover off how it works with a few posts on this blog.

When the script runs at logon time it collects details from the current users active directory account properties (attributes), example below.
Active Directory User Account Properties

Once the required account properties have been collected by the script some validation and formatting is applied to ensure the information looks correct.

This information is combined with template files to produce the final Outlook Signature.

HTML Example
HTML Signature Example

Rich Text Format (RTF) Example
Rich Text Format Signature Example

Text Example
Text Signature Example

The script will also configure Outlook if a valid email account can be found for the user.

An overview of the make up of an Outlook Signature can be found in another post.

Details on modifying the template files to suit your environment can be found in another post. If you want to radically change the layout then you’ll have to do some additional tweaking within the script to ensure you get the correct layout and formatting. For debugging any changes you make the script also creates a logfile in the users %APPDATA% folder.

As you can see in the examples above the template is split into three columns and also has a company logo. Details on how to change the company logo are in another post.
There is also an optional environmental print message which can easily be turned on or off.

There are plenty of other scripts out there but the main difference with this script is it’s completely self contained and does not “spawn” any other application instance, such as Word or Outlook to generate the signature files. The main reason I have avoided that approach is to reduce the execution time to a minimum and also reduced resource overhead in Citrix / terminal server environments.

Some examples of these scripts are:

The following link is to a script that does generate the raw files but formatting is limited slightly. That’s seems to be the trade off to avoid an extremely complicated script for generating well formatted HTML and RTF  files.

There are also plenty of 3rd party products that can do the same thing and much more besides but this script does everything I need and apart from my time has cost me nothing. You should be able to have my script up and running within your TEST environment within 30 minutes, depending on your needs. If it doesn’t do what you need then just delete it and have a look at a professional ($$$) product. A couple of examples would be:

I’ve included these two as examples but I’m sure there will be other products out there that are equally good or even better!


4 Responses to Automated Outlook Signatures (VBSCRIPT)

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  2. Ahmet says:

    How can I change the font type and size?
    Thank you very much.

    • ifnotisnull says:


      Just update the HTML & RTF master template files to suit your formatting requirements.
      As long as the place holder text is not changed everything should be fine.

      Let me know if that helps?

  3. NLC says:

    Could you please delete the above comment i put the fields in wrong!

    What was typed was –
    This is a very useful program you have put up here. Thanks for sharing.

    Just wondering how hard it is to edit the placeholders so all the information is a normal signature not broken up?

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